Meet Kait - Our first FF Ambassador!

Meet Kait - Our first FF Ambassador!

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Meet Kait, our first Finding Ferdinand Ambassador!

I'm Kait, a beauty enthusiast from NYC, now living in LA. I've had a passion for beauty for as long as I can remember, always using makeup as a creative form of self-expression. Growing up, I didn't have anyone in my family who was interested in makeup so I turned to YouTube, and as I got older I eventually got the courage to start my own channel.

The Beauty Content You Can Expect

I'm in charge of Business Development at a global entertainment marketing firm which means I have limited time and need my makeup products to do the work for me. I love the kind of makeup that I can lazily apply and still know it's going to look good. While my makeup looks are usually natural and understated, I love pops of color and glitter eyeshadow to brighten my mood.

Kait's Custom Lipstick Colors

Juicy, Girl Crush, Cocktail, and Retro Rose

*Swipe right or Click-thru to go directly to the Custom Lipstick page.


Watch Kait's video for tips on getting their right color match! You can also reach out to our customer service by emailing, and our team will assist you in getting it correct.

Girl Crush 2 // Cocktail 2

Why She Loves Finding Ferdinand

I was so excited when I found out about Finding Ferdinand. I've visited the Bite Lip Lap to create my own lip colors, but that service doesn't allow you to be in the designer chair in charge of the way the colors looked. I love that Finding Ferdinand's custom lip color feature puts the consumer in charge because it's such a fun way to play and feel creative. I also love supporting small businesses that are finding ways to be innovative in such a saturated industry as beauty. 

Her Favorite Colors Are

My favorite colors are Caribbean teal, mustard yellow, and sunset pink.

Follow Kait

Instagram: @stateofkait
YouTube: State of Kait

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