Flower Bodega Collaboration

Finding Ferdinand and Flower Bodega have teamed up to bring you a memorable experience for Mother's Day: An everlasting bouquet coupled with duo lipstick colors that are great for natural or glam looks. 

The everlasting bouquet features dried florals and one fresh anthurium stem, which is also hand painted on each lipstick case. Anthuriums symbolize hospitality, happiness, and beauty.

The two lipstick colors -  "Is She, Isn’t She" & "Really Red Rose" - were designed by Aurea, Creative Director of Flower Bodega, and come in two finishes, sheer matte and full matte. 

Is She, Isn’t She is a sheer matte that is peachy and brown and smells like Asian Pear. Inspired by understated beauty, it is a perfect, natural color leaving those to wonder if you're wearing any lipstick at all.

Really Red Rose is a full matte that is a classic and iconic red with blue undertones inspired by pure red Freedom roses and smells like Hibiscus Tea.

Please enjoy the complimentary video with Aurea to guide you through styling and caring for your everlasting bouquet. 

With much love, 

Aurea and Nhu

Flower Bodega x Finding Ferdinand