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Is Customization Future of the Beauty Industry?       
“It might be just a beauty product, but I felt powerful, like I owned that cosmetic.”
Finding Ferdinand Custom Lipstick Allure

“Each purchase arrives in a little silver-and-pink pouch that has your customization requests written on it. (I mean, this is some A+ detail here.)

All around, I give Finding Ferdinand two thumbs-up emojis.”

Finding Ferdinand Teen Vogue Custom Lipstick Makeup
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“Finding the perfect shade of lipstick for your skin tone can take days, months, years even. Create your own customized shade in a trial-sized tube before committing to a full bullet.”
Refinery29 Finding Ferdinand Custom Makeup Lipstick Palette
“When we tried it, we couldn't believe how good the pigment payoff was — like, Urban Decay-level good — and it stayed on all night.”
Finding Ferdinand Instyle
Personalize Your Beauty Routine
“Start thinking outside the tube and get yourself a palette like Finding Ferdinand’s…”
"Instead of going through the trial and error (and cash) of hunting for your new go-to complementary shade, you probably wish you could just recreate the color yourself. Dreams, right?... But what if we told you that you can actually do that?" 
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"If creating customized lipstick shades (Finding Ferdinand’s specialty) isn’t your thing, they’ve just launched a mix-and-match eye shadow, highlighter and bronzer palette to ensure all your needs are being met. BUY IT!"
We Tried It: Creating Customized Lipstick and Foundation Online
“The process couldn’t be easier, and their customer service is flawless…It’s safe to say I’ll be using Finding Ferdinand as my go-to lipstick source from now on — and with the holidays coming up, it’s the perfect personalized gift for friends and family.”
Popsugar Finding Ferdinand Custom Lipstick Palette
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“We were always under the impression that creating your own custom makeup shades was costly and complicated until we happened upon Finding Ferdinand.”
Finding Ferdinand NBC Today Show Custom Lipstick
4 Beauty Items To Enhance Your Lips
“I am personally infatuated with this custom color concept.” - Bobbie Thomas, Today Show