RTW Overnight Palette - Deep RTW Overnight Palette - Deep RTW Overnight Palette - Deep RTW Overnight Palette - Deep

RTW Overnight Palette - Deep

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Have everything you need for a night out - and flawless touch-ups the next morning -- all conveniently packed in a portable palette. 

This curated ready-to-wear palette has been created for those with a deep skin tone, but can be work by pretty much anyone who loves these colors!

These timeless colors are great neutrals and super easy to wear. 

Complimentary Complexion Range

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Palette Details +

Size 14.5 cm x 11 cm x 1.3 cm

Full Mirror that holds its weight so you can get ready anywhere. 

Top Row - Cheeks

Golden Glow - This universal cream- colored highlighter is LIFE! It's flattering on anyone who wants to add a subtle glow here and there. 

Cocoa Bronze - This deep bronzer has a matte finish for those who want to softly contour. 

Terracotta - Warm tone, medium terracotta blush with a matte finish allows for a natural flush to your cheeks.

Bottom Row - Eyes

Dirty Chai - Warm tone, cream-brown eyeshadow with a matte finish

Milk Chocolate - Warm tone, brown eyeshadow with a matte finish

Rawr - Warm tone, chocolate brown eyeshadow with a shimmery gold finish

Lucky Penny - Warm tone, copper eyeshadow with a shimmery finish

Pewter - Neutral tone, grey eyeshadow with a metallic finish

Extra Goodies

Complimentary FFgirl Sticker Set with each palette.