Through the Lens with Annis Kamera

Through the Lens with Annis Kamera

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She’s a biology student by day and a fashion photographer by night! We sat down with Annis and talked about her experience covering fashion shows and how they have inspired her everyday looks.

Finding Ferdinand: How would you describe your personal style?

Annis Kamera: My style is always evolving! But, certain facets have stayed the same. I would say my style is preppy but still laid back. And I often like to add a little masculine edge to my looks, like throwing on a tailored jacket. Plus, I’m always stealing pieces from my mom. 

FF: What about beauty? Do you like trying out new trends?

AK: I am slowly learning how to do makeup. For instance, during New York Fashion Week in February, my friends did my makeup so I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit -- like trying blue mascara or adding a colorful eyeliner along the bottom of my eye. But I believe less is more. I like simple makeup.


FF: We like simple, wearable makeup as well. Speaking of NYFW, what did you love most about your experience?

AK: It was overall super crazy and fun. I was covering multiple shows in a row, running from place to place. I love shooting the amazing looks as they come down the runway. And I also like doing the backstage coverage as well, you get to see the amount of work that goes into these shows.


FF: How has your role as a photographer influenced your perspective on fashion and beauty?

AK: Covering fashion shows has given me so much more exposure to fashion trends than I would have otherwise. As I said earlier, I like adding a masculine touch to my look and photographing menswear gives me a lot of ideas of looks I want to try. It’s more interesting to find the trends this way than just reading a magazine.


Special thanks to @uniqlousa for outfitting me this fashion week. #uniqlo #ad #uniqlojeans 📷:

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FF: How did you get started with fashion photography?

AK: I’m actually in school studying biology right now. Photography is something I do on the side and I only started a year ago so I’m definitely still learning! My first fashion show was Michael Costello. After the show he regrammed some of my photos! The next season I was invited back by his PR people and from there I’ve been getting booked to cover other shows.  

Michael Costello Spring/Summer 17', Photo by Annis Kamera

FF: That’s so exciting! Your blog and Instagram both say that “a photo is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.” Can you tell us about the meaning behind this phrase and what it means to you personally?

AK: I think the whole point of a photo is to emote something and translate a feeling. Even in paintings, like the Mona Lisa–what is she smiling about? The painting doesn’t tell the whole story but it gets people thinking. Photos should do that too. You want a viewer to see your photo and then take away something from it. 

When we created the Overnight Palette, we had cool, creative girls just like Annis in mind. See below for her commentary on the colors she chose for her Custom Overnight Palette and check out the makeup tutorial video where Founder, Nhu Le shows Annis how to utilize the complementary colors in her palette for a glowy, clay-toned look.

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Follow Annis through her lens by visiting her fashion photography site, AKAMARA or catch her on Instagram @a.kamera_.

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