AT Finding Ferdinand, WE BELIEVE THAT BEAUTY IS unique to each and every person. BASED IN OUR NEW YORK CITY OFFICE, WE WANTED TO CREATE A BRAND THAT PUTS customers first AND PROVIDE A PLATFORM WHERE BEAUTY LOVERS CAN define their own aesthetics. THAT’S WHY WE STRIVE TO PROVIDE high-quality, customizable products THAT ALLOW YOU TO CREATE THE PRODUCT YOU’VE always been looking for.


The inspiration behind the name Finding Ferdinand came when our founder learned about the story of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella while studying abroad in Spain.

The idea of Finding her Ferdinand stuck, and was used as inspiration when starting the brand. The name is up for individual interpretation however, and represents discovery and the search to find the things in life that make you feel like the best you. This also inspired our wish for our customers to create, explore, discover and find beauty their own way.