AT Finding Ferdinand, WE BELIEVE THAT BEAUTY IS unique to each and every person. BASED IN OUR NEW YORK CITY OFFICE, WE WANTED TO CREATE A BRAND THAT PUTS customers first AND PROVIDE A PLATFORM WHERE BEAUTY LOVERS CAN define their own aesthetics. THAT’S WHY WE STRIVE TO PROVIDE high-quality, customizable products THAT ALLOW YOU TO CREATE THE PRODUCT YOU’VE always been looking for.


I'm dedicated to making beautiful and safe products that everyone can enjoy. For the past 10 years, I've worked hand in hand with our scientists to bring innovation into color cosmetics and develop clean formulas.

My passion is fueled by the incredible women in my life. My mother, who survived cancer twice, continues to be an inspiration in all the products we create. My sisters, nieces and friends who all wear Finding Ferdinand products, know that every product they receive is made with incredible care.

Lastly, we have the most hardworking and caring team at Finding Ferdinand. Every person involved in designing and creating each product cares more than you can imagine. We are constantly evaluating the formulas and colors to ensure they make you feel beautiful. Outside the office, you can find me at my local yoga studio and munching on a kale salad.