Meet Janet Ribando, Sr. Color Guide Contributor

Meet Janet Ribando, Sr. Color Guide Contributor

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Finding Ferdinand: So Janet, tell us a little bit about your personal style!

Janet Ribando: My style is pretty bohemian. I love the 70’s, like Cher and Stevie Nicks. I keep it pretty feminine, I love dresses and heels. One time for a shoot I had to wear sneakers and it was so weird for me because heels are my go to.

FF: We can definitely appreciate the power of a good pair of heels. What about beauty? We heard you’re a bit of a product junkie. Is that true?

JR: Oh, yes. My makeup stash is embarrassing! It’s very therapeutic for me. My favorite part of going out is doing my makeup beforehand, it just calms me. I have enough makeup to start a Sephora... I actually kind of already am a Sephora. I have the catalogue in my head! I know so many shades of lipstick just by looking at them... like when I see someone wearing a certain lipstick I’ll know what brand and shade it is. Yup, I love makeup!

FF: We love your passion for beauty! How did you get started with makeup?

JR: There are a lot of men in my family. So, the few girls in the family bonded a lot over makeup. I remember as a kid going on trips to Sephora with my aunt and just being in awe. My Dad knew early on that this was going to be a problem. I started wearing makeup in highschool and it was like an art form for me. I would put on these crazy looks and my teachers would get worried and question my parents. My parents are really free spirited so they were really supportive about it. Like, “don’t worry, nothing’s wrong with her, she just likes makeup.”

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FF: Your parents sound kind of awesome. Besides for family bonding, what else drew you to makeup?

JR: Growing up I had pretty difficult skin, so makeup helped me feel more comfortable. Most people are most comfortable when they take their makeup off. It sounds weird to say, but I feel most comfortable when I have makeup on.

FF: You were blogging previously as ModaDuo, do you have plans to return to the blogging world?

JR: Right now I’m still thinking about it. Currently I’m keeping busy with school and working on a lot of other projects. I was recently an ambassador for Diesel which was cool. I still want to have my own blog one day, but for now I’m just taking my time. I’m attending events and eating food (I love food) and posting on Instagram, but not “blogging” per se. But I really love writing, so I’ll go with the flow and see if that fits into it.

FF: Speaking of writing, we are so excited to bring you on as a Sr. Color Guide Contributor.

JR: Yes! I am super excited as well. I love makeup and I love my Finding Ferdinand Palettes. I can’t wait to show everyone a bunch of different beauty tutorials, especially since the palettes are so versatile.

We created the Overnight Palette for fun makeup loving girls like Janet. Watch the video below to see which colors she chose and stay tuned for her upcoming tutorials here on the Color Guide.

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Cheeks: No Regrets, Golden Glow, Passion Fruit.

Eyes: Milk Chocolate, Fortune Teller, Enchanted, Trench Coat, Haute Chocolate.

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