You visit Sephora.com every day to see what's new. The layout of the brands at your local Ulta Beauty is so familiar to you, you can picture it with your eyes closed. You prowl your favorite department stores' counters regularly, and you've tried and tested all the drugstore formulas available in your country. If this sounds like you, you have a problem (and you're completely welcome here with us beauty junkies!).

However, these behaviors mean you've been there, done that, and being bored is no way to start 2017! Thankfully, the beauty industry is almost scarily expansive. You simply only need to get creative in the way you hunt for your next fix.

Start digging around on Etsy. Visit international online boutiques. And read on! We've gotten the ball rolling for you by finding 10 massively underrated — and excellent — beauty brands that are worth incorporating into your routine. You'll likely be inspired to use up some of those holiday gift cards you recently acquired. Even better, you can be be the beauty equivalent of a hipster: you can tell your friends you liked these companies before they made it big.

Finding Ferdinand


Little minis launching Monday!! 🙌🏼 All your little colored dreams are coming true 🙈 #funbeauty #acoloraday

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We were always under the impression that creating your own custom makeup shades was costly and complicated until we happened upon Finding Ferdinand. The brand's site features a simple tool that allows you to select four lip shades, mixing them to your preference to create one matte, sheer, or creamy pout product for $30. If you're not ready to commit to a full-sized tube, you can go through the same process and create a mini lipstick for only $6.

For 2017, the brand has launched bespoke palettes ($60), feature three cheek colors and five eye shadows of your choice. The compact features magnetic pans, so you can pop our and replace shades you've used up or switch hues for seasons.


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