5 Lipstick Colors Trending This Spring

5 Lipstick Colors Trending This Spring

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Spring has officially arrived! Updating your wardrobe would be great and a fresh haircut sounds cool too. But, we think just switching up your lip color is a perfect and easy way to shift gears this season.

If you're having problems picking the right colors, then look no further. Finding Ferdinand's color database has the top five lipstick colors FFgirls are loving right now.


Mix Creamy Mauve + Orange Flare + Classic Coral + SinfulMix Mauvelous + Creamy Mauve + Au NaturelMix Mauvelous + Orange FlareMix Au Naturel + Mauvelous + Orange Flare + Orange SorbetMix Au Naturel + Mauvelous + Sinful

Mixes with orange bases and hints of reds and pinks give a corally pink output perfect for warm weather months. So many of our recent Custom Lip Stick orders have featured these orange hues and we are not mad about it. A coral lip color is universally flattering, it just depends on the exact shade.


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Try mixing your own custom color to find your perfect fit!


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