Clean Beauty with Finding Ferdinand

Clean Beauty with Finding Ferdinand

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What Does It Mean to Be Clean Beauty with Finding Ferdinand?

Being a clean beauty brand means more than just using safe ingredients; it’s about a holistic commitment to health, ethics, and sustainability. Here’s what clean beauty means to us at Finding Ferdinand:


Animal cruelty in any way is not acceptable to us. Our products do not include animal-derived ingredients nor we do test on them. We've joined forces with the Cruelty-Free Kitty community to advocate for this cause.


Our proprietary cosmetic formulas are clean and non-toxic. We have an ongoing ban list of more than 2,700 ingredients and only use FDA batch approved colorants. We've carefully selected each ingredients to make sure they follow the highest standards of modern beauty


Being earth friendly means a lot to us. From working in small batches to prioritizing recyclable, recycled or refillable components, Finding Ferdinand takes to heart being a part of creating a better future for our world. Our on-demand production is fast beauty without the waste.


Our team of creatives and scientists collaborates closely to craft products that stand the test of time and prioritize your well-being. We're passionate about creating timeless items that help you express yourself and feel good about what you use. 

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