A Glimpse Into Taiwan's Hidden Beauty

A Glimpse Into Taiwan's Hidden Beauty

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I've been traveling to Taiwan since the start of Finding Ferdinand because that is where our packaging is made. I started working with Linda, my mentor and business associate, from the get go because she was the first person to help us! When I first started out, the order quantity was too small for any company to take me seriously, but Linda helped me by fulfilling our first order, and continues to do so today as we grow.

It was fate that brought me to Taiwan, and I love every minute that I get to spend working here. This place is wonderful, and I want to share some of the best things about Taiwan as I work remotely to bring more products to life.

Taiwan has many influences from Japan, Korea and China, which plays a major factor in beauty. From the manufacturing perspective, Taiwan follows Japan's notorious rigor in efficiency, cleanliness, and innovation. Korea's K-Pop and K-Drama spreads across all of Asia, so the beauty trends lean towards a doll-like image with powdery white skin, bright blush and bitten lips. China's growing middle class is a major buyer in this entire region, so China's taste in high end luxury items push all beauty products to the highest level to compete against each other.

The first place I want to share is VVG Hideaway. "VVG" stands for Very Very Good. There are many VVG's in Taiwan, each representing a different lifestyle theme. The VVG Hideaway is located in the Yangmingshan National Park. You can take an Uber up here, but need to carefully plan your trip back because you'll need to take the bus back down.

Nhu Le, Founder

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