A Look Inside - How We Make Our Products

A Look Inside - How We Make Our Products

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Did you that most beauty brands don't formulate their own products? They commonly use "off the shelf" formulas offered by contract manufacturers. At Finding Ferdinand, we're different in the way we make all of our products. We formulate things from scratch to make sure it's (1) super clean, using ingredients that we know are safe (2) cruelty-free/vegan, we stay away from animal products and do not test on animals, and (3) sustainable production practices, meaning we try very hard not to over produce. The cosmetic industry is notorious for overproduction where millions of unsold products end up in the landfill every year. 

If you've ordered from us in the past few months, you've noticed there has been a delay in our shipping timelines. We wanted to give you full transparency on the "behind-the-scenes" look at why that is happening, and what we're doing to resolve this. 

Why It Takes Longer to Ship

We ship from our office in the Garment District in NYC, and our space is small. We can only have 1-2 people in there shipping at a time. Based on a regular work day, each person can only handle a certain amount of orders. We don't have people working 24/7 like Amazon. 

How We Are Solving This Issue

In the next year, we will move to a fulfillment facility with more automation that can help get your products out faster to you. We're in that weird growth phase where we are bridging this transition, and we ask for your patience as we ramp up with a fulfillment partner. 

Our Production Facility

We make all our products from scratch, meaning we source all the raw materials and make sure each ingredient is certified. This sometimes creates issues with production delays because there may be shipping delays in each of the ingredient. We don't want to compromise the quality of the product. 


How We Are Solving This Issue

We are incrementally ordering more materials and doing more demand planning, while being cognizant to not over produce. From a formulation perspective, our chemist keeps in mind ingredients she can use across multiple products, so that when we order raw materials, we can use them across products. 

Thank you for your support and patience! 

We are incredibly grateful for all the excitement around the new products and collections, and trust us - we are all heads down working trying to get these products produced and shipped out to you faster! 

If you need help...

Lastly, if you need any assistance about our products or orders, please be sure to email hello@findingferdinand with your order number. By emailing us, a case will open and our team members can make sure they respond. Please keep in mind that working hours for our company is Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm ET. If you email us on the weekend, our team members will get back to you on Monday.  

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Hi can I order one . You don’t have them in stocks I don’t know you you never . Try carol8na hernia they have lip cheek products or you have samples plus their are some beautiful products

Katherine Levonja

I absolutely love your products.. I am almost ready for a re-order..

Mallorey K

I am thoroughly impressed with this entire brand. The option to pick your own custom products and seeing the care that goes into this entire brand is incredible. Hoping to be a lifelong customer – I have ditched notable name brands in favor of FF (I’m looking at you, Merit and Glossier). Thanks for being innovative and responsible in a space where it is easy and profitable to be wasteful and redundant!

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