A Summer Eyeshadow Palette Inspired by Burberry’s DK88

A Summer Eyeshadow Palette Inspired by Burberry’s DK88

ICYMI: Burberry just launched the updated DK88 handbag, now sold in a line of dreamy new colors! 

To celebrate, they held an event downtown in their Spring Street store that drew celebrities the likes of Ruby Rose, Jourdan Dunn, and Serena Williams, swoon

So after hearing about the exciting new colors, we decided to take an #FFgirl Field Trip and check it out for ourselves. 


It was like a dreamland...

Featuring giant drops of paint raining down from the ceiling and surrounding the handbags on display, the experience was magical.

The Spring Street store also offered the limited-time option to create your own handbag! The build-your-own DK88 station was complete with swatches, digital mock-ups and samples. It was completely custom -- a concept any FFgirl could appreciate.

Not only did the new colors go incredibly well together in any combination, but they came with even sweeter names like "Camomile Yellow" and "Blossom Pink."

Inspired by it all, I decided to build another Custom Overshadow Palette with Burberry’s new colorways in mind. I'm sure the warm, bright colors in this palette will compliment each other to create some bright-eyed looks for summer! Longhorn and Succulent create a gorgeous golden-green eye while Sherbert and Pajama Party create a cotton-candy blend. Platinum is a deeper color that can bring some cool drama to a nighttime look.

Et voilá! This DK88-inspired Overshadow Palette contains: Flat White, Longhorn, Sherbert, Bellini Punch, Succulent, Go Blue, Pajama Party, & Platinum

Find inspiration for a custom eyeshadow palette with anything from your favorite celebrity looks to your newest bag obsession like me.


You can find this summer palette in our Summer Collection, or build your own summery Custom Overshadow Palette!

Cheyenne Kleinberg, Contributing Editor

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