A Taste of Paradise with Diana Carolina

A Taste of Paradise with Diana Carolina

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Finding Ferdinand: First thing's first, tell us a little bit about your blog and why you started it!

Diana Carolina: When I first started my blog, I was living in Costa Rica so it was about the environment and travel. But then I found myself posting about life and other things I'm passionate about so the blog grew into something more real and personal. And that’s how it became what it is today. Now I am living in New York and my blog still continues to evolve!

FF: Costa Rica? Wow! We know that style is a big part of your blog. How does style in Costa Rica differ from style in New York?

DC: Good question! The difference is mainly due to the weather. Because it’s warmer in Costa Rica, less is always more. I lived in the city but on the weekends everybody migrates to the beach. So two days a week I didn't really... wear any clothes.. just lots of different bikinis. They’re a complete necessity in Costa Rica. During the workweek, the style there kind of has a California vibe: T-shirts, flowy tops, shorts and sandals. It’s all very boho, airy and colorful.

FF: Love. Did you miss New York at all?

DC: I loved living in paradise but I really missed the sophisticated city vibes of New York. There’s a bit more of a vibrant lifestyle. What I love most about New York is that you can wear anything! New Yorkers have a very cosmopolitan style. And I think a main difference I’ve noticed between here and Costa Rica is that in the City we often play with mixing textures and materials more than mixing colors which makes outfits very interesting and chic. There’s a lot more attention to small details with New York style. After living in the Tropics it took me a while to find my personal style again under all the coats and boots, but it’s finally starting to get warmer and I’m really excited about that. I may fluctuate between the two styles or mix them up!



FF: We have a definite appreciation for simplicity as well. Are you into trying out new beauty trends?  

DC: Yes. I especially love trends that put a spin on the classics. For instance,  I like the new trend playing on the classic french manicure but with an edgy, geometric design on the tip. I also love that people are starting to go more natural with lips colors. My go-to shades are pink nudes. But when I want to add some drama I’ll do a bright red lip.

FF: Yes, classics with a twist are trending right now. Speaking of which, you recently started posting on Youtube! What inspired that and what kind of video content can we look forward to seeing on your channel?  

DC: Yes! I am so excited about it. When Instagram and Facebook started hosting live video, I played around with them a little and found that my followers really enjoyed video. But not everyone is around to watch the videos while they’re live of course. So in came Youtube! My channel is really an extension of my blog. Eventually you will see some travel guides, beauty hauls, some lifestyle vlogs and of course style videos with a focus on design. My channel is Flight of Spice Blog. Subscribe and come along for the ride!

We created the Overnight Palette for adventurous girls on the go like Diana Carolina who recently took a trip Japan! Shortly before her trip she stopped by our offices to create her custom palette. Check out the video below where she shows us an easy everyday look for a day out-and-about in Japan.

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Cheeks: Pink Glow, Cocoa Bronze, Peaches & Cream.

Eyes:  Trench Coat, Mud Bath, Lolli, Sleeping Beauty, Monster.

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