Birthday Edition Custom Lipsticks

Birthday Edition Custom Lipsticks

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We know a lot of you are sending Finding Ferdinand gifts to your loved ones, and we've been celebrating birthdays virtually. To make everyone's celebration even more special, we started hand painting the Birthday Edition Custom Lipsticks. 

Even if it's not your birthday, we think you should celebrate your life like it's your birthday every day!

Here are some reasons why we love the Birthday Cake Edition Custom Lipstick:

  • You can add Birthday Cake Flavor 
    • They smell delicious, so we ask that you do not eat them :)
  • Hand painted polka dots are super fun
    • Every time you apply your custom color, it will bring a smile to your face
  • Name your color
    • We love seeing all the fun names that come through. From inside jokes to your own names on a color
  • Design a one-of-a-kind color
    • You can get super creative by mixing a color with us
  • Delivered to your door 
    • All of this is done from the comfort of your couch while watching Netfilx!   

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