Currently Drooling Over These Five Pink Beaches

Currently Drooling Over These Five Pink Beaches

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Anyone can go to any boring old beach, but FFgirls set sails to pink beaches around the world. We fell in love with five pink sand beaches, and we know you'll love them, too.

Read to the end for our favorite pink products to match!

1. Harbor Island - Bahamas
Pink sand stretching for three miles - what more can you ask for? This is the secret that the Bahamas had been hiding all along.

2. Balos Lagoon Beach - Crete, Greece

Take a cruise in Greece to the Balos Lagoon for warm waters and pink sand. 

3. Barbuda Island - Caribbean Sea

The Twin Islands of Barbuda and Antigua hold a special secret: the west coast of Barbuda is home to a pink beach. It's a must-see when heading to the Caribbean.

4. Budelli - Sardinia, Italy

The island of Budelli is the home of Spiaggia Rosa, which can be translated literally into Pink Beach. Enjoy the shopping in Milan and relaxation on the shores of Budelli.

5. Komodo National Park - Indonesia

Last, but certainly not least, is a rainbow beach sprinkled with pink sand. Komodo, one of the many islands of Indonesia, is home to not only the Komodo dragon, but also this tropical paradise. 

With all these amazing, dreamy beaches, the Finding Ferdinand team can't pick which beach we want to go to first! Can you?


Melanie Schnell, Contributing Editor

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