DupeAlerte #1: Re-inventing Kylie Jenner's Pumpkin Lip Kit

DupeAlerte #1: Re-inventing Kylie Jenner's Pumpkin Lip Kit

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In our new 'DupeAlerte' series, we're re-imagining the most popular colors seen online using the Finding Ferdinand Starter Kit! If you have a new favorite color you would like us to recreate, email us at hello@findingferdinand.com.

When I saw Kylie Jenner’s Fall Lip Kit collection, I immediately knew that I needed a color like Pumpkin in my life. There didn't seem to be any other colors on the market quite like it. Since working at Finding Ferdinand means I love experimenting with makeup, naturally I set out to create my own rendition. I began by figuring out the ratio of Orange Flare (a light true orange) to Tequila Sunrise (a deeper, reddish orange) based on pictures from Instagram. Eventually I got a pretty close color match using 90% Orange Flare, 10% Tequila Sunrise, and 50% Truffle... If you’re thinking, “Wait a sec – what’s Truffle?!?!” then you’re pretty sharp, because it’s a beautiful chocolatey brown color that hasn’t launched yet (but stay tuned)!

What made me drawn to Pumpkin was the balance of orange and brown tones, so I ordered the Lip Kit to compare and found that my version was a bit more orange than the original (pictures can be deceiving!) I also wanted something a bit lighter than the actual Kylie Lip Kit, so I put my own customized spin on the color I first saw and loved. With the Pumpkin liquid lipstick in hand to compare, I bumped up Orange Flare from 90% to 100% and I have to say, the tone is spot on, and more wearable for my complexion. See for yourself below:

And for those of you who are going to ask (and I know you will, because I would too), yes it’s matte. And YES it’s extremely long-wearing. For those who don’t like the feel of a liquid lipstick, our moisturizing matte formula is a great alternative. As we head into the winter months, I’m going to need the best of both worlds.


Truffle will be featured as a base color in the Starter Kit 2.0, and if you already have one, you can re-create this shade using:

Orange Flare + Tequila Sunrise + Truffle

And for those of you who haven't gotten your hands on a Starter Kit yet, we created a VERY limited supply of Cinnamon Minis. Be the first to try it out!


Natalie Hrycak, Contributing Editor

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