DupeAlerte #2: Beauty Hack to Recreate Jeffree Star's Dreamhouse

DupeAlerte #2: Beauty Hack to Recreate Jeffree Star's Dreamhouse

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In our new 'DupeAlerte' series, we're re-imagining the most popular colors seen online using the Finding Ferdinand Starter Kit! If you have a new favorite color you would like us to recreate, email us at hello@findingferdinand.com.

Everyone needs a good pink lipstick. (My personal favorite for everyday is Conch Call). But with the holidays rolling in, I want my lipstick to pack a little more punch. Enter: Jeffree Star’s latest release of a metallic liquid lipstick formula in the shade Dreamhouse. It is said to be inspired by Barbie’s blood, and there is no doubt it makes a statement, perhaps aggressively so. I can totally picture myself rocking this look on New Year's Eve or a special occasion, but couldn’t commit to purchasing a full tube. Naturally, I went back to my Starter Kit.

That’s when I began testing all of our pink lipsticks. I chose Pink Pizzazz because it’s pretty tonally similar to Jeffree’s nostalgic Dreamhouse. Pink Pizzazz is a touch bolder, brighter, and more unexpected this time of year than deeper shades like Cranberry (which is another favorite in the winter months). The brilliance of Pink Pizzazz gets me feeling festive, and it’s also a great alternative to a classic, bold red.


Jeffree Star's Dreamhouse Dupe

But if the New Year festivities commence and you’re craving that dazzling shimmer, fear not! I’ll let you in on a little beauty hack. Take any highlighting powder or pale sparkly eyeshadow (I used a light pink one to stay consistent) and just dab it over top of any lipstick with your finger to give it a metallic effect. It’s the best of both worlds - pull off a classic and striking pink lip year round or add some glitter to amp up the wattage on those extra special occasions.

See how the hack turned out when I tested it and shop this look below!


Take Pink Pizzazz...Add some sparkly pink eyeshadow...Dab it on!And Voila!


Natalie Hrycak, Contributing Editor

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