DupeAlerte #5: Recreating Buxom's White Russian

In our new 'DupeAlerte' series, we're re-imagining the most popular colors seen online using the Finding Ferdinand Starter Kit! If you have a new favorite color you would like us to recreate, email us at hello@findingferdinand.com.

Buxom’s Full-On Lip Cream in White Russian is one of the most buzzed-about lipglosses on the market. I finally broke down and bought it last year, but I have only used it once, maybe twice. That’s when I remembered why I don’t tend to buy lip gloss– it. is. so. sticky. And that is not helpful when it’s a windy day and your hair is being blown in every direction. It’s a sticky mess. Nonetheless, every time I hear a YouTube beauty guru raving about this gloss, I want it all over again... 

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So for my fifth installment of the DupeAlerte series, I recreated the infamous White Russian in two variations. My first version is the same pinky-peach color but, in a VERY sheer formula, with none of the sometimes-frustrating goopiness of a gloss. But my second variation stole my heart because it’s still sheer and shiny, but it has slightly more color payoff than a gloss.

Since these shades remind me so much of our best selling Keys to Gramercy Park (a peachy nude), I wanted to give them names with a similar theme. Inspired by a signature cocktail at Dear Irving, a low key hangout in Gramercy, I named my second version of this dupe (the better of the two in my opinion) ‘Peace Treaty’. And not to leave out the more subdued baby sister, I named the ultra-sheer variation ‘Speakeasy’, because understated is underrated.

Peace TreatySheer Variation: SpeakeasyBuxom's White Russian

Natalie Hrycak, Contributing Editor

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