DupeAlerte #6: Nude-ity

DupeAlerte #6: Nude-ity

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In our 'DupeAlerte' series, we're re-imagining the most popular colors seen online using the Finding Ferdinand App! If you have a new favorite color you would like us to recreate, email us at hello@findingferdinand.com.

Nudes are popping up everywhere, and we’re loving how many there are to choose from. As Maya Allen, Fashion & Beauty Assistant at Cosmo so perfectly put it, ‘nude’ isn’t one-shade-fits-all.It doesn’t just mean that one eggshell shade anymore. Everything from lingerie to ballet flats are now offered with a choice of which nude.

Check out our model Samia, who you’ve seen repping the Rosé Palette, rocking the updated Target nude lingerie line

We love that nudes are taking over lipstick aisles as well. Especially since summer is all about that natural glow. We’re talking bright eyes, dewy cheeks, and lips too! We chose two of the most popular nudes of the season to recreate---an always-appropriate greige, and a color so popular that it sold out in one day!

Colourpop’s ULTRA Matte Beeper

This shade has a knack for looking good on anyone, transforming from a powdery purple to a greige rose from lip to lip. We fell in love with the cool tone of this matte beauty as well as the intense finish. It falls right into that perfect space of just light enough for the day and just bold enough for night. The creamy, brown-leaning nude reminded us of another staple we love from morning to night---you guessed it, coffee! We reimagined this creamy, rich shade in our own matte lip color, Cappuccino.

Au Naturel 100% x Berry Jam 10%

CappuccinoColourpop's ULTRA Matte Beeper

MAC x FleurDeForce

This limited edition nude sold out in a single day! If that doesn’t tell you how gorgeous it is, we don’t know what will. The shade was a collaboration between MAC and fabulous beauty blogger Fleur De Force. FDF described the lipstick as her "dream lipstick" and we can see why! It’s a bright yet subdued shade, adding a subtle glimmer to any look. But if you missed the rush, we’ve got you covered with Sunkissed. This cool pink beige is silky and sunny just like Summer, and has a creamy finish to match.

Au Naturel 100% x Orange Flare 40%

SunkissedMAC x FleurDeForce


We've created a limited supply of these popular nudes. Take your pick and try out your new favorite nude!


Cheyenne Kleinberg, Contributing Editor

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