Fashion Lawyer Marche Robinson on personal style and feeling powerful

Fashion Lawyer Marche Robinson on personal style and feeling powerful

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Finding Ferdinand: So what exactly is Fashion Law?

Marche Robinson: Fashion law encompasses a lot of different areas of law and how they function in the fashion industry. An example that everyone has heard of is copyright infringement. For instance, knock-off versions of handbags infringe on designs of well-known designers. Other elements include employment litigation that involves big brands or contract disputes. While fashion law seems very specific, every area of law is still occurring in the fashion industry.

FF: How and when did you know you wanted to pursue fashion law?

MR: I always loved fashion and when I went to law school I didn’t know which area to go into. I really liked healthcare and my technical “day-job” is health care law. I started writing about fashion when I was in law school. After I graduated college, Fordham University actually created a concentration in fashion law. I definitely would have loved to take that but it just didn’t exist when I was in school. I started joining groups and following blogs about fashion law to learn more. I realized all these different disputes that we learned about also occur in the fashion industry. It was a natural progression into fashion law because it all uses the same set of skills.

FF: How do you balance a career in law with life as a fashion blogger and stylist? 

MR: I will say that my work/life balance has gotten a lot better in the last year. Since I have started working remotely I have been much more motivated to focus on the blog and styling. Working in an office is not very conducive to blogging because it’s uncomfortable to multitask personal projects. Working remotely definitely gives me more time to multitask. For example, I can take 20 minutes to write or pop out for a quick shoot over my lunch break. It takes a lot of hustle to maintain a blog, especially when it comes to scheduling with photographers. I have a few friends who take my photos for me and when they’re free, I’m free. There is truly never a dull moment. It’s fun to have that hustle. We need to hurry up and take pictures then get back to work.

FF: How do beauty and style fit into your professional life?

MR: That’s another thing about working remotely. When I work in the office I try to look confident and capable without being distracting. In corporate America you always have to toe the line of loving fashion, looking stylish and being taken seriously. Now that I don’t have to go to the office my look has shifted from very niche professional attire to more casual, everyday.

FF: What lipstick color makes your feel powerful? 

MR: Definitely red. I love red lipstick. I feel like people didn’t use to wear bright lipstick like blue and purple but I love that they are now, and I love it. People are way more expressive. Red lipstick changes the whole game.


Melanie Schnell, Contributing Editor

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