Fashion Week Favorites: London and Milan

Fashion Week Favorites: London and Milan

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One of the best and worst parts of living in New York is that everywhere we look, we are spoiled by delicious food, beautiful clothing, interesting people, you name it.  It's really true that the more you have, the more you desire.  While we love watching the fashion week festivities here at home, we can't help but pine over the beautiful collections showing in London, Milan and soon Paris.  With NYFW long behind, we wanted to take this opportunity for sartorial tourism.  We invite you to follow us through our favorite trends in London and Milan.

1. Patches at Peter Pilotto -- London


There is something so wonderfully liberating about London fashion that we just don't have in New York. With a prominent history of sartorial counterculture, London fashion designers never shy away from a colorful patch, metal spike or ripped hemline. As longtime fans of DIY fashion and beauty, we feel like London just gets us. Peter Pilotto understands just how chic a pair of grass-stained jeans can be after some strategic patch placement. Want some insider info? Get ready to cover your computer, notebooks and palettes with the new FF sticker set launching this Fall (Shhh don't tell). We think our lip color 'Flamingo-A-Go-Go' would be the perfect compliment to this collection. 

2. Glammie Jammies at Fendi -- Milan

Bordeaux (Sheer)

Any outfit that makes the fresh-outta-bed look appear intentional makes our shortlist.  Lightweight, silky blouses are literally our jam(mies). Not to mention, we are suckers for powdery pinks and blues (have you seen the FF website?!). Italian fashion has a knack for combining effortlessness and style.  Any country that spends three hours per day having a siesta understands the importance of slouchy, silky fashion bliss.  When can I move? We think wearing our Lip Tint in the shade 'Bordeaux' would be a great contrast do the beautiful pinks and blues in this collection.  

3. Rich Textures at Roksanda -- London

Tequila Sunrise (Sheer)

We FF girls are drawn to everything that shines and glows. We love Roksanda's ability to continuously offer a beautiful yet simple combination of the richest colors and textures.  This is pure luxury -- lush materials, comfortable designs, dynamic silhouettes and warm colors.  If we could wear this collection everyday, we would in a heartbeat. Our Lip Tint in the shade 'Tequila Sunrise' is a subtle way to mimic the amazing orange hues these models are wearing. 

Photos taken from Vogue Runway


Melanie Schnell, Contributing Editor

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