How to Make Custom Lipstick On-The-Go

How to Make Custom Lipstick On-The-Go

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Notice anything new yet familiar in the App Store? Perhaps an app that allows you to create your own lipstick? That's us!
We're so excited to bring you the new Custom Lipstick & Beauty app so that you can create custom lip colors with our Color Mixing Tool™ on-the-go.

You know the drill.

Custom Mix Lipstick

In the Color Mix tab, select up to four base colors.

Adjust the opacity of each base color you chose until the swatch at the top of the screen shows a mix you love.

Tap "Mix Name" to give your color its own identity. Think about what the hue reminds you of. Name it after yourself or your other favorite human. Make it your mantra so you have a constant reminder to be the best you when you wear it. It's all up to you.

Select Your Finish

In the Your Colors tab, gaze upon the fabulous colors you've created. Pat yourself on the back for your creativity.

Swipe the saved color from right to left to either (a.) add it to your cart or (b.) delete the color from your list.

When you tap "BUY" you will be asked to select your finish. Choose between creamy, matte, or sheer*. Then, select the size you would like to purchase.

*If you select a full-sized sheer lip color, you will receive a Quick Stick.

You will be taken to the Finding Ferdinand website where you can complete your purchase or shop around more if you would like.

Discover New Colors

In the Trending tab, explore the latest in the world of lipstick and discover the looks that work best for you.

Tap "SAVE THIS COLOR" to add a trending color to your list in the Your Colors tab.

***BONUS: You can also use the app to virtually mix the colors before you mix with your Starter Kit. When you recreate the color with your lip palette, be sure to start with the lighter colors first and build slowly with the darker colors in your selection. This technique will help you make sure you don't overshoot the color you desire.***

We can't wait to see the colors you create!


Already have the Custom Lipstick & Beauty app? Let us know what you think. Send us your feedback or submit a question here.

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