How to Wear Bright Colors with Confidence

How to Wear Bright Colors with Confidence

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Scarlett Hao is the #bodypositive curvy girlboss we love to ‘like’ on Insta. We invited her into Finding Ferdinand HQ to get some tips on wearing bold colors confidently. Check out Scarlett’s video below to see her color picks and learn how to create an effortless pink daytime makeup look.


Scarlett chose these eight colors for her custom Overnight Palette
Cheeks: Golden Glow, Happy Hour, Sunkissed Bronze
Eyes: Sleeping Beauty, Honey Moon, Purple Rain, Olympian, Longhorn
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Finding Ferdinand: We love your bright and colorful style. What is the inspiration behind your looks?

Scarlett Hao: I always stay true to my personality and express myself through my style. My style is feminine and sexy, and I love to show off my curves. I let my personality come through in my style, and that keeps it cohesive because it all comes from my personality. I also follow the trends in each season so I’m up-to-date, but I choose the trends that fit my personality.


FF: Do you have a favorite lipstick color?

SH: I wear lots of different lipstick shades, so this is a really hard question. If I had to pick, my favorite would be dark red lipstick, because it’s sexy and classic. I like pairing a bold lipstick like that with big sunglasses to show a little attitude.



FF: So how do you balance bright outfits with bright beauty looks?

SH: I consider  my makeup  a complement to my outfits. I like using bright colors for both, but I keep my makeup and outfit in the same color; red with red or purple with purple. Like today, I’m wearing a red jacket and red lipstick.


FF: We noticed you travel a lot for your blog. How do you manage to bring everything you need for those bold  looks with without overpacking?

SH: I try to limit how much I take with me while still staying close to my regular routine. I bring my favorite products and leave new looks at home to try later, but I still go bold. I always bring something that will give me a pop of color, but I keep it all in a narrower color range. That way I can create bright looks and don’t end up with a suitcase full of makeup.

FF: Do you ever wear all black?

SH: I think all-black can be fun and sleek, but I try not to get too caught up in it. I find brighter, warmer colors to be more exciting and more my personality. That’s why I picked bright, warm colors for my Overnight Palette.

We created the Overnight Palette Kit for adventurous, confident girls like Scarlett. She's definitely inspired us to try out some bright new monochromatic looks. You can find more of Scarlett on her Instagram, @scarletthalo_.

What colors do you wear that help you look and feel your best? Let us know in the comments below!

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