Introducing Starter Kit 2.0

Introducing Starter Kit 2.0

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For those of you who have been following Finding Ferdinand for a while, you know that we started out with lip products and made our name with our "Starter Kit." It was a really fun product because it was the only affordable, high quality lip palette that came with a free custom lipstick on the market. 

It was our best-seller. So when it sold out, we wanted to make version 2.0 even better! The team and I ran countless focus groups and surveys to figure out what to keep, what to update and which colors to add.

6 new colors

We added more browns and neutrals because our customers told us they wanted to create nudes and muted shades. With these new shades in the mix, you can now create over 175,000 color combinations!

Magnetic Base

You can easily refill your palettes. This also gives us a chance to introduce MORE color options to you in the future so you can easily customize your lip palettes. Be on the lookout for limited-edition fun colors from us. It'll be the perfect amount to experiment with trends without over-committing. 

Softer Brush & Spatula

The spatula makes it easy to scoop and mix colors. The angled brush makes it easy line your lips. 


We created the "Lipstick & Beauty" app to make it super easy for your record and save your custom color mixes. You can easily look up trending color combos and purchase the custom shades that you want with your ideal finish. 

We built an entire eco-system around the Starter Kit 2.0 to make is super easy and fun for you to experiment with lip colors. 

This product means a lot to us as a company because it has set the standard for how we do beauty at Finding Ferdinand. We believe in giving customers options, using high quality and non-toxic ingredients, and breaking the rules in cosmetics - because we know beauty isn't one-size-fits-all. 

We hope you love the Starter Kit 2.0 as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.  


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