Introducing The Overnight Palette

Introducing The Overnight Palette

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Have a trip coming up or need a convenient compact with everything you need to spend the night? Introducing the Overnight Palette!

The Overnight Palette came to life because we wanted to make it easy and affordable for everyone to customize a palette for their eyes and face. An all in one palette with the colors you'll actually use. 

We tested hundreds of samples and prototypes to find the right size and colors. We held numerous focus groups to get your feedback, and traveled to all the factories to make sure everything was made according to our strict production requirements. 


Literally went thru millions of products!Testing the strength of the magnets so that your pans don't fall out!Walking the factory floor inspecting the machines.One of the first sample products.

The Overnight Palette makes it super easy to create a full look in one palette and super easy to replace once a color runs out. 

Pick three face products, bronzers, highlighters, and blush. If you're not a bronzer type of person, pick another blush. We give you the ultimate flexibility in creating products you'll love and use. 

Then pick five eye products. The darker, matte colors were made to double as eyeliner and eyebrow fillers. 

Finally, we gift every palette purchase with a set of FFgirl stickers. We wanted each person to be able to customize the design of their palettes, so we left the exterior to a minimal design and gifted you stickers.

Have fun exploring the color options and maybe pop in a bright, trendy color once in a while to test it out. At the end of the day, we just want to make beauty super fun and easy for you. 


Nhu Le, Founder

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