Effortless Style with Julien Garman

Effortless Style with Julien Garman

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If you’re in need of some fashion inspiration, Julien Garman from ItsJulien.com is your girl.

Splitting her time between marketing for a commercial real estate firm and covering our capital’s most fashionable events, Julien manages to make everyday style, simply effortless… and man can she pull off a statement lip!

We got the scoop on her day-to-day beauty routine and how she conquers style challenges.

Finding Ferdinand: What’s your morning beauty routine like?

Julien Garman: To be honest, I usually get ready on the go! I catch an early bus into DC and hardly have time to do anything before hopping into my commute. However, I do a pretty regular moisturizing routine in the AM - first I use a cleanser, then skin oil, then serum with Vitamin C. I finish it off with a moisturizing cream.

For makeup, I keep it pretty simple with Laura Mercier foundation and mascara, liquid liner + my Finding Ferdinand Starter Kit and Custom Overnight Palette for everything else!

FF: YAY! So glad to hear that FF products help you with your on-the-go beauty routine. Would you say your personal style suits your on-the-go lifestyle as well?

JG: Yes, definitely

FF: How would you describe your personal style?

JG: I’d say overall my style is very laid-back, romantic minimalism with a focus comfort (of course!).


FF: On ItsJulien.com, you post so many cute, laid-back styles every week. How do you stay inspired?

JG: I get a lot of my style inspiration online through blogs and Instagram. I also frequent sites like Who What Wear and enjoy reading Vogue and Darling magazines.

Having a blog definitely helps as well -- I have access to all kinds of different looks covering fashion shows and events.

FF: In your blog you also mention “conquering style challenges” - where did that idea come from?

JG: It really started from an overwhelmed feeling I had while getting dressed in the mornings. So I REALLY cleaned out my closet, kept only the things I loved, and it resulted in me feeling so much more joy.

Now when I come upon a challenge (i.e. I want to wear this cute top but it’s cold outside - how can I layer appropriately for work and still feel stylish?), it becomes a fun problem-solving process for me.

FF: What has been the most difficult style challenge?

JG: My most difficult style challenge was probably figuring out how to wear a crop top to work (hint: a high-waisted skirt does wonders!).

FF: That’s a good one! “Challenge” for you: If you had to choose just one piece of clothing to invest in this year, what would it be?

JG: Easy - an all-occasions Little Black Dress! Every woman should have one in their closet.

FF: The LBD is definitely a staple item for the FFgirl. Last question - What makes DC’s fashion scene unique and different from the other cities you’ve visited?

JG: I love the community here. The creatives are really supportive of each other, whether you’re a photographer, food stylist, blogger, you name it. The fashion itself is so varied. I think people really elevate the office looks here more than elsewhere because it’s what we wear every day.


Julien's Overnight Palette

Cheeks: Golden Glow, Peony Blush, Sunkissed Bronze 

Eyes: Trench CoatHoney Moon, CrushApparatusOrchid

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