Jannel Therese in Peach

Jannel Therese in Peach

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Jannel Therese has that street style cool-girl vibe we all love. She stopped by our Madison Avenue HQ to chat about blogging on Street Style Teller, travel, and her messy vanity. She also created her very own Custom Overnight Palette, trading in her classic neutrals for some trendy new peach tones.


Finding Ferdinand: So Jannel, your blog covers a lot of different topics. How did you first get into blogging?

Jannel Therese: I studied journalism in college and I wanted a place to showcase my work. I started a website as a portfolio, and then I started seeing the whole blogging world take off. I just knew I had to get involved, so I decided to turn my portfolio into a blog.


FF: Your blog has a definite NYC feel. Did you start your blog before you got to New York or after?

JT: I started my blog before I came to New York, but it didn’t really have a name that stuck until I started spending time here. So it existed, but not in the same way—it took shape after I got to New York.


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FF: Why do you think the city has such a strong influence on your blog?

JT: New York made me rethink and adjust my aesthetic. It affected my style, which affected my blog. New York is very street style, and it’s a great place to hear people’s stories so I named my blog Street Style Teller as a nod to that.

The city isn’t my only influence though, I love to travel and incorporate the other places I go into my blog and my style.


FF: How exactly has traveling played a part in your style and blog?

JT: Traveling has definitely played a big part in my style development. I love traveling because it’s a break in the routine, and that keeps me sane. With my style, I don’t directly take a trend or look away from a particular place, but I try to take the atmosphere, or the feeling. That way, I can keep a small part of each place with me.


FF: You’ve been to so many places and seen so many different ways that beauty is expressed. Do you change up your style a little to reflect each new place you visit?

JT: When I travel, my mindset changes, but not so much my style. I’m practical about how I dress in a new place, but I don’t necessarily let go of what my style is like when I’m at home. Obviously, I’ll dress for weather. When I was in Portland it was freezing so I wore a lot of layers, which I might not do at home, but I don’t really think of that in terms of changing my style. I was just trying to stay warm!

FF: How did you manage to develop a personal style that is so versatile it can travel with you to new places and stay with you in new seasons? 

JT: That’s a hard one! I think I do follow new trends, but I put my own twists on them. Like for instance bell sleeves were coming back in, so I matched those with overalls. Putting my twist on a trend allows me to wear the piece  for longer than a season. It’s not about staying the same, but trying new things and fitting them into what I already have. I also try to keep it simple. I love mixing colors and textures, but I go to colors over prints. I think that helps my look remain cohesive and versatile.


FF: Does your love for simplicity in fashion translate over to your beauty habits?

JT: Somewhat. I’m really big on skincare, and I try to do a mask every night. I love hydrating masks, and I love to try new ones out to relax. Makeup is a different story.  

My vanity is a mess—I wish I could get it organized. It’s a mystery why it’s so messy too, because my routine is pretty consistent. I usually go for winged eyeliner, mascara, and nude lips. My go-to for shoots and events is a dark plum lipstick, and I balance that with more natural eyes. I’m really surprised that I picked out such a peachy Overnight Palette because these colors are newer for me, but I think it’ll be really fun to play with them and create some brighter looks for the summer. 

When we created the Overnight Palette, we had thoughtful travel-lovers like Jannel in mind. Jannel stopped by between shoots to create her own custom palette and picked out a set of bright, adventurous colors. Check out the video below to find out how you can re-create her fun, peachy look.

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Cheeks: Jelly Donut, Fetch, Golden Glow

Eyes: Lucky Penny, Crush, Rawr, Olympian, Trench Coat

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