Cupcakes & Coffee

Cupcakes & Coffee

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The Finding Ferdinand Team is working around the clock to grow our business and make sure that our customers are loving their custom lipsticks and palettes. We love what we do, but sometimes we need a little break. And when we can fit one in, it usually involves cute pastry shops. The change in environment is refreshing (and more importantly, it helps us tell better Instagram Stories!)

If you're ever in Nolita, Little Cupcake Bakeshop is one of our favorite places to grab a coffee, cake, and cupcake for breakfast. No shame in our sugar game. There's nothing like a red velvet cupcake and a marshmallow cake slice to spark your next great idea.

Why am I telling you this? I promise it's not to jump-start your sugar cravings. We just want to remind all you FFgirls to take a break from your crazy schedules and have a cupcake once in while :-) 

A reminder that sweets are always a good idea ☕️🍰🍩

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Nhu Le, Founder

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