New Bubblegum Flavor!

New Bubblegum Flavor!

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When we think of new flavors, we usually plan 6 months to a year out. We typically have product development meetings, but since we are a small team, ideas usually happen randomly. 

Bubblegum is one of those ideas that popped into Abigail's head one day, and she put it on our running list of flavors and scents to test. We then contacted a few of our suppliers, collect the data sheets and receive samples to test in our lab. From there, we will create a bunch of colors with all the scents/flavors and pass them out. Then we run a survey to rank our favorites. 

On the next product meeting, we discuss our favorites and present the ones we think should go live. There are A LOT of contenders and strong feelings behind each one, so we all come prepared to argue our case for the perfect flavor/scent. We only have so many months in a year and can't do everything :( 

Here's how Abigail got us to vote for Bubblegum's release: 

  1. She made a bunch of pretty colors for everyone, and then she made a clear balm with Bubblegum to help eliminate biases against colors if someone didn't like a specific color. 
  2. She made sure to mention it often in our Slack channel - "I gotta say, even after a year, I still love the Bubblegum lippie." 
  3. She bought bubblegum for the office and put it in the middle of our communal table.

In the end, we all voted for Bubblegum to take its proper place on our flavor/scents calendar. 

Abigail is head of our production and lab. We hope you enjoy the new flavor and appreciate the hard work she did in order to bring it to life for everyone. 

Bubblegum flavor will be available from today till the end of April.

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Stephanie Rabell

I love how Abigail made her presentation!! Bubblegum is so nostalgic!! Who doesn’t love bubblegum?!! I am with @Bookandwinelovers and would love to do a collaboration with you. I mentioned this on your IG and someone was going to chat with the team about it. I would love to design a lipstick after our book club, Wine, Women & Words Of The North Shore Book Club ( we are on Long Island). Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Stephanie Rabell

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