DupeAlerte #12: Sad about Icy Betch? Try Icy Beesh

DupeAlerte #12: Sad about Icy Betch? Try Icy Beesh

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In our 'DupeAlerte' series, we're re-imagining the most popular beauty buys online! If you have a new favorite lip color or makeup palette you would like us to recreate, email us at hello@findingferdinand.com.

The winter to spring transition is always an exciting time for beauty. Switching out your sultry reds for pops of pink and coral goes hand-in-hand with shedding the winter jacket for a lighter ensemble (okay, maybe not yet – it snowed on Monday in New York). Perhaps the most eventful time for beauty this spring, however, was April Fool’s Day. Per usual, numerous brands had a field day pranking their fans with silly cosmetic releases (see: Hidden Valley Ranch’s tweets advertising a ranch dressing-scented beauty line).



One April Fool’s Day prank had makeup addicts everywhere talking, however: Tarte’s tease of a “new” eye shadow palette named “Icy Betch.” While the name was obviously a joke, fans of the brand were disappointed to learn that Tarte was not actually releasing the palette. But we hear you, makeup addicts. I mean, what’s cooler than being cool?

So for those of you looking for something cool this spring, we put together The Icy Beesh Overshadow palette. Our newest palette dupe features eight ultra-wearable shades of white, blue, green, and purple. Try it out! Let your RBF be as icy as you want this season.


Pair with Au NaturelSo Icy

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