Around the World in a Makeup Bag

Around the World in a Makeup Bag

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Whether you’re booking your tickets or just daydreaming, the thought of traveling is just plain exciting. A new destination is perfect excuse to try out a new look. After all, “chic” means something a little different in each place you go.

We’ve rounded up some of the trendiest destinations of 2017 and matched them with some colors to play with whether you’re taking off or staying put.


With deserts and mountains and night markets, Morocco has something for everyone. The color combinations anywhere you look will be stunning. Marrakech's rich blues and yellows are perfect for drawing inspiration for beauty looks.

Morocco is also home to a renowned beauty staple: argan oil. Argan oil is amazing for both skin and hair, and promises to keep you moisturized and glowing. You can read more about its benefits here. With this beauty essential and a temperate climate, it's not surprising that a bronzy glow is the norm. For a Moroccan-inspired look, we’re recommending a few rich colors to get you caught up to the sunkissed standard.


Hawaii is paradise. The landscapes are lush and over-the-top gorgeous. Whether hiking is your thing or you’d rather lounge by the beach, this is the perfect spot to de-stress and unwind in the sun. While Kauai doesn’t tend to get too hot, it stays summery throughout the year. With such sunny and warm surroundings, we’re recommending bright, natural colors—and lots of sunscreen!


Seoul is the destination for the city girl at heart.

If the change of pace you’re looking for is a speed-up rather than a slow-down, this is the place to be. Seoul is home to skyscrapers, bright lights, and yummy treats. South Korea is also known for its beauty trends and skincare expertise. Dewy cheeks and bright eyes are the main features of the beauty scene in Seoul, so arm yourself with these colors that salute South Korean beauty trends.


An FFgirl travel list could never be complete without Paris. It’s been home to countless iconic designers, artists, and writers, not to mention some of our favorite pastries. It’s a top-of-the-bucket-list kind of city and a fashion girl’s dream come true, definitely worthy of an iconic beauty look to match.

These classic shades are sure to give you that elusive french girl vibe.


Salta is a travel spot that’s kept its serene vibe. Visiting Salta means exploring centuries of history, beginning all the way back with the Inca civilization. And while the city of Salta itself offers excitement as well as historic interest, the surrounding foothills of the Andes are perfect for nature-lovers. For colors suited to this up-and-coming hotspot, we drew our inspiration from the city’s long history.

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Cheyenne Kleinberg, Contributing Editor

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