Tyla Lauren on Natural Beauty

Tyla Lauren on Natural Beauty

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Finding Ferdinand: Tell us about your personal style.

Tyla Lauren: For me it’s all about finding pieces that are affordable & comfortable. I’m a bargain hunter, because I want my clothing to suit me. I like to find unique pieces that add to my individual style, and that fit me perfectly.

What about your beauty?

I stick with the basics - foundation, eyebrows, a nude lip, and sometimes a little highlight.

Tell us about your focus on natural beauty.

I started out on social media talking about natural hair. Nobody I knew was doing anything like it at the time, and speaking out so publicly was new for me. I began with simple things, like sharing which products I used and was told it was making a difference for people, so I kept going.

Why was discussing natural hair important to you?

In college I always straightened my hair. I didn’t feel like I was being myself. I’ve met a lot of girls who wouldn’t be rewarded for wearing their hair naturally, and I know that wearing my hair naturally has made me feel much more comfortable and secure in being myself.


Embracing natural beauty can be difficult, how did you do it?

I have a tough skin overall, and I thank my dad for that. Because of him, I’ve always been able to accept constructive criticism. As I got older, that got worn down by outside factors and I had to build it back up. It was like I was coaching myself, and remembering that what I have is unique. 

With being an influencer, as with any profession, that’s important to remember. People come to you because you can give them something that nobody else can, and that comes from your personality.

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How did you expand your focus from natural hair to natural beauty?

I’ve always loved being creative in my work. I started my career off in fashion and it wasn’t a great fit, so I eventually found my way to the beauty industry. Working in beauty gave me a lot of insight and knowledge that I have been able to share  usingn my platform.


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What’s an example of something you learned while working in the beauty industry?

Proper skincare. Growing up I saw a lot of dermatologists. I was trying to take care of my skin then, but not in the right way. They would give me something for acne, or I would see a face wash for problem skin and just buy it. However, that just wasn’t working for my skin.

I pay much more attention to ingredients now. I’ve realized that you have to be so cautious with what you put on your skin, you can’t just use anything.


Your focus has definitely shifted since you started out as an influencer. Where do you see your platform going?

I’ve been expanding my focus since I started. First from hair to beauty and now to lifestyle. My engagement took a dip initially. But I have to be true to myself and showcase my creativity. I recently started a YouTube channel, too. I see that being a lifestyle channel, covering a range of topics.

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