3 Zoom Beauty Tips From Makeup Artist Beth Moyer

3 Zoom Beauty Tips From Makeup Artist Beth Moyer

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I am Beth Moyer! I'm a makeup artist and virtual makeup instructor, business coach, entrepreneur, mother, activist and wannabe mermaid. But really, I'm just me. A woman who was once a young girl sitting in her room, practicing different makeup looks she found in magazines, to escape her dysfunctional childhood and express herself.

 My top 3 Zoom Beauty Tips:

1) Curl Your Lashes 

Even if you aren't going to do anything else! Our eyes are the only part of us that stays the same size from the day we are born until the day we die. That's why babies' eyes take up a third of their face! As we age and our eyes appear to shrink due to the skin around them, opening them up and making them look bigger makes us appear younger. Curling your lashes takes 30 seconds and will instantly help you look more awake and fresh. Make sure to curl at the base of your lashes and be careful! This takes a bit of practice but I promise that despite it's appearance, it isn't a torture device! Once you get the hang of it, you will love it!

2) Brows Frame Your Face! 

Lightly fill in your brows. Don't go too dark, especially if you aren't wearing much more makeup. I recommend one shade lighter than your hair color. Once you've filled them in, apply a small amount of concealer to define your brow along the lower brow line. This will make your brow appear instantly lifted, more defined and polished. 

3) Apply Lipstick To Lips & Cheeks

Apply a shade of lipstick that is within a few shades of your natural lip color and while you're at it, swipe your finger across the lipstick, warm up the product between two fingers and apply it to the apples of your cheeks as well. You could also do the same across your lower eyelids too. I love using products in multiple ways! It's cost effective and you only have to find one shade that works as opposed to three! 

When quarantine took effect, all my makeup gigs disappeared. I had to pivot pretty quickly and start virtual lessons. It's one thing to get your makeup done by a professional, which you wash off at the end of the day. It's another to learn how to do it for yourself, improve your skills, learn to use what you have, and/or refresh your look. My clients get the satisfaction of feeling beautiful and the confidence that comes with knowing THEY DID IT THEMSELVES. 

You can book available classes offered or book a 1:1 lesson with a free customized product recommendations list based on their budget! Another option is to book a party lesson with several of their friends and make it a proper self-care event!

Book A Virtual Makeup Lesson with Beth here.

Follow Beth on Instagram to see more of her before and after images: @badassmakeup1


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Linda Bentley

Why don’t we use a nice blue eyeshadow any more? It made my eyes pop!

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