We Love New York City

We Love New York City

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Finding Ferdinand was founded and currently based in New York City, and we want to share with you some amazing things that this city has to offer in tribute of 9/11. 

The People are Incredibly Kind

When we first started Finding Ferdinand, we did not have a huge budget to shoot images for the website. This didn't stop us. We reached out to a photo studio called White Honey and set up a meeting with Heather, the owner of the studio. She told us to bring our products by, and we can chat. After getting to know each other for an hour and taking a tour of the place, we came to an agreement on how much we would be able to pay for a 2-day photoshoot that would shoot ALL the images of products and models for the website. We owe a lot to Heather and White Honey, and if you ever need the BEST in photography, head over to White Honey for all your studio needs. 

Everyone Is Willing to Help

Our first official office was in a WeWork, and the WeWork staff was extremely helpful in letting us "borrow" furniture, hold impromptu photoshoots/video shoots, and model for us! We used to run around WeWork moving furniture around and packing orders in the hallways. The staff never gave us any issues and even lent us a hand from time to time. We outgrew our office in WeWork, but we will always have fond memories of that time :)

The City Brings People Together

The city is filled with amazing people that come from all different backgrounds. We are constantly inspired by the amazing talent that surrounds us in food, art, media... everything in NYC is the best in the world because the city demands that you do your best in order to succeed. We love being in the chaos of it all, and we hope it gets back to the hustle and bustle soon!


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