West Coast Glow with Jenna Phillips

West Coast Glow with Jenna Phillips

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Finding Ferdinand: You’re originally from California and now you’re living in New York, but you hop back and forth all the time! How does that influence your style?

Jenna Phillips: My style does change quite a bit depending on where I am. In general, I love florals and prints. I like to be girly and wear dresses. In New York I try to be a little edgier and look more put together but when I’m on the West Coast my style is more laid back. But no matter where I am, I love the look of high waisted jeans and a T-shirt. I take that look wherever I go.


FF: So you brought some of your West Coast style over to the East! What about your beauty routine, how has that changed?

JP: On either coast, I keep things pretty natural. I’ll add a bit of mascara, put on some under eye concealer and then I’ll fill in my brows. Being in New York I’ve definitely been wearing more bronzer. It’s colder here so my complexion has gotten really light, especially compared to when I’m in California. Bronzer helps bring back my glow. 

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FF: We noticed that you change up your hair a lot. 

JP: Yeah, basically every year it’s something different. Last year I had bangs, then I chopped my hair pretty short, like I have it now. 


FF: Do your change up your beauty routine that often too?

JP: Not so much really. It was easy for me to pick out my Overnight Palette because I know what I like. I’ve always stayed with my same go-to shades. I like bronze and gold tones for eyeshadow. And I always need a subtle bronzer to give that natural tan look. I usually only use a bit of blush and highlighter to give a natural glow, but nothing too dramatic.


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FF: You are a fab model (not that we’re biased or anything) and you’re also a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. What sparked your interest in fashion? 

JP: It all started from my childhood really. When my sisters and I were kids my mom worked at Sak’s Fifth Avenue and she would bring home so much makeup! We loved playing around with it, so that definitely sparked my interest in beauty. And when I was in fourth grade my dad went to Brazil on a business trip and brought back all these cute bathing suits for me and my sisters. That actually inspired us to open up a swimwear boutique. I kind of grew up around that business, going to trade shows and things like that. 


FF: We love that you’re still involved in fashion! Have your early experiences stayed with you through your experiences in the industry?

JP: Definitely. Those experiences taught me a lot, and they were kind of the beginning for me. I got really interested in the business side of fashion. I do try to keep a piece of the west coast with me. I mean you can definitely tell from my Overnight Palette that I’m trying to keep my west coast glow, even when I’m in New York. It’s all very peach and bronze. If you check out my Instagram too, you’ll definitely see some of my California roots.

We created the Overnight Palette for travel lovers like Jenna. Currently traipsing through Spain, Jenna stopped by our offices to create her custom Overnight Palette before taking off. Find her It Girl Palette in the collection below.  

Jenna's Colors:

Cheeks: Golden Glow, Light Bronze, Lingerie

Eyes: Milk Chocolate, Honey Moon, Apricot, Olympian, Longhorn

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