Looking forward to Summer in NYC!

Looking forward to Summer in NYC!

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Finally, we're heading into the Summer months! I say this with huge enthusiasm because I can't help but think about my weekend plans.

Here in NYC, we have the beach! ....Which guiltily enough, I constantly forget and I haven't explored it fully yet. BUT my friends are quickly helping me adjust to this East Coast living.


My friend Tracy, who has a jewelry line called Kalaki Riot, all about having a balanced mindset between island and urban life, is the coolest chick hailing from Hawaii, but is pretty much a New Yorker at this point. She and her husband are constantly traveling to different destinations to surf together. Their family owns a place in the Hamptons, and Tracy has graciously volunteered to teach our little girl boss group how to surf. We like to think of it as a work retreat of sorts. And she says we'll need proper gear, which I'm very excited about because any excuse to shop for cute stuff is always a win.


Another city friend, Karah, who designs textiles and has a fabulous bedding line at Target called Bohemian Chic, suggested escaping for a few days to her farm where she hangs every weekend growing her organic food and doing yoga. Karah and her boyfriend are the quintessential NYC downtown cool. They make healthy living look so GOOD!

Over pilates last week, she suggested I come out to the Berkshires and bike. I've been doing way too much Soul Cycle, but soon the weather will be perfect to take that outdoors.

These places are easy to get to from the city by driving or taking public transportation. Now that we have Summer Fridays, I'm excited to get outside!

Some things I will be packing on my weekend escapades include: Solid & Striped Red Swimsuit, Neutrogena SPF60+ Sunblock, Illesteva Blue Tinted Sunnies, and Finding Ferdinand tinted Quick Stick in Empire.

What are your warm weather plans? Leave us a comment below.

Nhu Le, Founder

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