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Good things always come in small packages.

Ever counted the total number of beauty products you use in a day? You’ve probably never thought to do so, but before packing for a weekend getaway — or any holiday weekend — it’s pretty crucial to pin this down so you can maximize your suitcase space. (TBH, if we had it our way, we’d dedicate an entire suitcase to our beauty arsenal, even though doing so would leave us with very little room to spare for more basic items...like clothes.)

Now, thanks to these adorable bite-sized beauty products, you don’t have to pick and choose what to bring home and what to leave behind. Stock your suitcase with a few — or simply toss them all in the bag. They may be mini, but they pack such a powerful punch that you’ll want to extend their stay on your top shelf way beyond a long weekend.

#9 Finding Ferdinand Custom Mini Lipstick, $6 each

Finding the perfect shade of lipstick for your skin tone can take days, months, years even. Create your own customized shade in a trial-sized tube before committing to a full bullet.


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