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Let's be real here: Back in the day, the only thing that defined your school style was the sticker swag you slapped on your notebook, lunchbox, and locker. When you wanted to show off your love for puppies, you loaded your binder covers with Golden Retriever decals. Cared more about unicorns? You stuck 'em to your Lisa Frank pencil case. 

But we're grown-ups now, and that means we're due for a more sophisticated — and practical — way to express ourselves. Enter: the Finding Ferdinand Overnight Palette. It has every staple you'd need for your everyday makeup look, including a super-flattering shimmer highlighter, peach-toned blush, matte bronzer, and four neutral eye shadows. 

When we tried it, we couldn't believe how good the pigment payoff was — like, Urban Decay-level good — and it stayed on all night. You can even pop out the individual pots when stock is getting low, so you get more bang for your buck. Like we said, we need more practicality in our lives. But quite possibly the best part of this palette is that it comes with modern-day stickers that relate to the big kids in all of us: wine, pizza, travel... did we say wine?

Still, the designs are a lot more chic than your middle school sticker set. "I commissioned an illustrator from Paris who has done beautiful and intricate drawings for Diptyque, Hermes, Chanel, and more," says Nhu Le, the founder of Finding Ferdinand. "She hand-rendered these drawings in multiple layers and then we printed them with gold foil for a nice luxe touch. Stickers are super-fun, and let our customers put together their own stories.”

Even better, you can customize it to get your name — or anything else — printed on the back of the palette. (Oh come on, don't act like you didn't brand every single notebook growing up.) We're feeling nostalgic just thinking about it.

If you want in on the action, you'll be happy to know that the Overnight Palette just launched today — so head over to the website to snag your own. The customizable option will set you back $60 (though you can snag it pre-built for $56); though, for this good of a trip down memory lane, we're willing to shell out a little more.

Originally seen on Refinery 29: Beauty/Makeup