Will Work for Lipstick

Will Work for Lipstick

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As a millenial, I love being able to customize every little detail in my life. When I came across indie beauty brand Finding Ferdinand, I was pretty excited! The site allows anyone to easily create a custom-colored mini lipstick for only $6. Whether you're struggling to find your perfect shade or just want to have something no one else has, this customizer could be great for you!


FF makes it way too easy to create your perfect, custom lip hue. The site features 15 pre-made lip colors that you can mix together to create something new. Unfortunately for those looking for super unusual colors like turquoise or neon yellow, you won’t find it here. The colors range from orange to deep berry and everything in between.

Simply mix the colors to create your shade, then choose one of the three finishes: sheer lip tint, creamy lipstick or matte lipstick. I created two colors and went with sheer lip tints for both (I’m not much of a lipstick girl.) The shipping is fast and free!


First of all, these lipsticks are pretty tiny but Finding Ferdinand makes that very clear from the get go. The intention behind the custom minis is for you to create your color, try the mini, fall in love and order a full-sized product. The mini size is about a third of the size of a normal lipstick.

I absolutely loved how my colors came out and the clear packaging is super cute! I went with a coral color and a medium berry. As a lip tint junkie, I’ve tried quite a few over the past few years as they’ve been gaining popularity. The FF tint was definitely one of the best ones I’ve tried. It goes on sheer and is just pigmented enough without being over the top. The color lasted hours without reapplying but I definitely needed to reapply after eating and drinking. It is a tint, not a stain so it comes off pretty easily.

I’d highly recommend these little lipsticks either as a budget-friendly treat for yourself or a gift for a friend! I may not purchase a full-size since $30 is a little much for me, but I can definitely see myself ordering more of these $6 minis in the future.


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