6 Ways To Use The Overnight Palette

6 Ways To Use The Overnight Palette

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You get all these products in ONE palette: bronzer, blush, highlighter,  eyeshadows, eyeliner, eyebrow fillers. It's perfect for travel and amazing if you hate wasting makeup palettes where you only use a few colors. 

Here is a list of all the products that you can choose to go into your custom palette. 

        1. Blush
        2. Highlighter
        3. Bronzer
        4. Eyeshadows
        5. Eye Liners
        6. Eyebrow Fillers 


Additional perks that come along with this palette, is that you get the following items with your package.

        1. Dual-end face brush
        2. Dual-end eye brush


One of our favorite things to top off this custom palette, is that each one of personalized with YOUR NAME on it! 

Jump right in and start creating your custom palette. If you need help on finding the right colors, take our beauty quiz here, and the suggestions will get sent to your inbox. As always, you can edit all the products so that it fits you exactly.  

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